About us

Finding an air conditioning company that offers all the services you want is not easy. Most of them will advertise for services that they will not deliver. Therefore, you should get value for your money by selecting the right air conditioning company. DNA Air Conditioning Company is one of the companies that you should put into consideration.

Darin GardinerWe offer our services to various areas around South East Queensland primarily Ipswich, the Lockyer Valley, and Brisbane. We value the kind of services we offer to our customers and you need to look no further than our online reviews for proof.

Ownership of the company

DNA Air conditioning is a business enterprise that is family owned. This allows us to provide you with the personal attention that you deserve. We work together towards customer satisfaction by offering quality services at the best prices. We are very passionate about air conditioning services and we are always ready to help those in need.

Our Services

DNA Air Conditioning provides the following services:

Installation of air conditioning

If you have decided to go ahead with an installation of an air-conditioning system in your home or office, DNA Air Conditioning ensures that the air conditioners we install are working correctly and efficiently before we leave. No matter the brand of air conditioner you want or difficulty of the job, our employees can handle it.

Servicing/Cleaning of air conditioning units

Air Conditioners without ongoing cleaning and maintenance may stop working or become inefficient. They may not cool or heat the way they once did which could potentially cost you more on your electricity bill.

DNA Air Service includes sterilising the internals of the system, dusting the filters, cleaning the components, fans and AC vents. We also ensure that the indoor and outdoor units are all cleaned and dried before you start using them again. Inclusive of a service of your unit, we will provide cleaning out and checking the drainage area along side, testing the temperatures of the unit after heating and cooling.

Decommissioning of old units

Some air conditioning units may be damaged beyond repair. At DNA, we will remove and dispose of the whole unit and supply and install a new unit if/ where necessary.

Refrigeration repairs

DNA staff members are experts in maintaining your cooling system. If your refrigeration system or freezer are not working correctly or efficiently, we will test and diagnose the issue, then repair where possible.

Highly Experience Air Conditioning Technicians

Experience is essential when it comes to air conditioning services. The experience will determine the level of skills and knowledge that staff members have.

With DNA Air conditioning, you do not have to hesitate in putting your trust into our team, as we have been providing air conditioning and refrigeration services for over 20 years to plenty of satisfied customers. We have mastered the industry and are now at the top in your area of Ipswich and surrounding suburbs.

Variety of brands and models

At DNA, you can select the brand and model that you want for your air conditioning unit. People have different preferences, and with DNA, you get a chance to select the popular brand or quality models to satisfy your own need.

Free Air Conditioning Installation Quotes

We offer FREE site inspections and quotes, on new installations of air-conditioning systems. Our Quotes are transparent and tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.


When looking for an air conditioning company, professionalism is one of the qualities that you should look for. At DNA, our staff members strive for excellence and professionalism towards our clients.

Air conditioning installationWe keep our customers happy by prioritising quality and affordable options, safety, and good customer support.

We clean the mess after each job

With DNA we will never leave any mess or debris behind and we will leave your home or office as we found it. We provide our services with great care and respect, so that we do not damage the area we are working in.

Low competitive prices

With the current economic state, it is to be expected that customers want air conditioning services at affordable prices. Though DNA air conditioning company offer top-notch services and advice, our prices are quite competitive compared to other companies in the market. We will always endeavour to give you an affordable, competitive quote.


Licensing is essential for air conditioning companies to have. It is proof that they have all the legal requirements needed to provide these services as set by the authorities. At DNA, our refrigeration mechanic is licensed and registered.

We hold a current refrigerant trading authorisation certificate and a current, registered ABN.

Customer Satisfaction

DNA Air Conditioning is keen about satisfying the needs of our customers. Our technicians only select high-quality materials and equipment from the top manufacturers for our customers. We know what is best for you. We are always upfront about the manufacturer warranties available for you.

Excellent customer support and contact

With DNA, you get quality and true feedback. We have many ways that you can contact us. You can call our number directly, contact us on Facebook, or simply email us from our website. We are always happy to provide you with as much information to support your enquiry as possible.

If you want to make a booking or have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0422056380 or email us on: sales@dnaairconditioning.com.au