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DNA Air conditioning is a small family-owned business. It is an Australian air conditioning and heating specialist, servicing your area of Springfield QLD.

We have over 20 years of experience, so you know that we have the knowledge that is needed to perform a quality job under our belt, for both commercial and residential spaces. Being in the industry for more than 20 years means that we have learned a lot of things, and we are prepared to share them with you.

Air Conditioning Repairs and servicing in Springfield

Whether you want to start a new air conditioning or heating system, or you are upgrading or repairing your current system, we can assist you.

For new installations, we have an experienced team of building and design experts who are always there to support you set up an effective and efficient HVAC system for your business or home. We also have a qualified team of service and repair experts who understand how to provide quality service and repairs for refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating.

Springfield QLD 4300If you are looking for a high-quality, professional HVAC company for your air conditioning and heating company in Springfield then look no further than DNA Air Conditioning. We pride ourselves on our customer know-how, ingenuity, and customer service.

Our Services

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Repairs

It is easy to determine the importance of air conditioning and heating through checking at the comfort of your loved ones and family. If you have a home that is too cold or too hot, it is easy to measure the frustration and stress it can cause.

If your HVAC system is not working up to the standard, you should consider a replacement or an upgrade.

Your house should be a place for family enjoyment and relaxation. When they repair their air conditioning or heating systems, homeowners make that possible, although they might hesitate to do so due to being uncertain of what they want.

Our engineering and sales departments, and our technicians too, will assist you to make a perfect decision on whether you need to replace or repair your heating or air conditioning system. You can trust in our understanding and ability to direct you; we have been offering residential air conditioning and heating services in the South East Queensland for more than 20 years.

Warrantable materials

DNA Air Conditioning uses warrantable materials to create your system. So, you are covered in case of anything. Our low-cost maintenance services can also save you money.

DNA air conditioning will send a skilled technician to your home regularly, based on your specific requirements. The expert will do a maintenance service and refine your system for peak performance and energy saving. That can save you a lot of money needed for costly repairs that result from failure to maintain your system in peak condition and assist in prolonging its life.

Commercial Heating and Air conditioning System Installation and Repairs

Commercial Air Conditioning installation in Springfield is a crucial aspect of ensuring a conducive working environment. Additionally, when customers visit your office or business, they expect the environment to be comfortable – don’t let a too cold or too hot office to spoil their duty.

That is why you should trust the commitment of DNA Air Conditioning to detail and quality. We know we will be the commercial heating and air conditioning company your business can count on.

From the beginning of your heating and air conditioning projects to the finish, the team at DNA Air Conditioning will assist you in every step. Our experienced managers and knowledgeable design team will surpass your expectations.

The project manager will always be present to ensure that your system is installed correctly and to coordinate the contractors to ensure that the process moves smoothly and goes as planned. Also, you will get regular reports on the progress of the project so that you can know what is happening with the system.

We believe keeping you updated enhances your satisfaction.

Refrigeration Repairs Springfield

The broad knowledge of our technicians in various refrigeration systems and years of technical experience allows DNA Air Conditioning to work on multiple models of refrigeration systems.

Contact us for any refrigeration needs, either commercial or residential. By working together with your contractor, designer, or architect, DNA Air Conditioning will meet your requirements both financially and functionally.

Our dedicated team of experts will be available during the whole process, from design through conclusion. We will not get satisfied until your refrigeration system is in place and operating, all your queries answered, and you comprehend its operational needs and capabilities.

We are happy to assist you in any way we can, and you can always trust our honesty in the services that we offer. We will never charge you for an issue that can get solved over the phone.

If you require a technician to come on site, trust us to respond reliably and quickly to get your system running within no time. We understand that you depend on your heating or air conditioning system to maintain the comfort of your business or home.

And that is why we strive to offer the most cost effective and reliable solutions to our customers when it comes to refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning. Contact us today to enjoy our low-cost air conditioning and refrigeration system installations, repairs, and maintenance services.